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Better Together: How Family, Community and Mentors Support Women’s Entrepreneurship

Nothing is by accident. Michelle Patterson at the age of 12 interviewed Governor George Deukmejian for her grade 8 paper. She interviewed him because he was launching the California Women’s Conference. The Governor recognized...

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Tenacity and Drive: The Road to Success

Collete Davis has a goal; to win the Indy 500. This is an impressive goal for a woman without a family history of racing to back her up. This tenacious maverick won’t let anything...

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Motivating Action: How to Become an Expert and a High Achiever

Jim Cathcart is no stranger to the motivational speaking circuit. Among many other achievements, he is listed in the professional Speaker Hall of Fame, named as one of the top 100 minds on personal...

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Creating Your Brand: Determine Your Profitable Talents and Create Fans

Does this scenario sounds familiar? You have a lot of talents, you work hard but you can’t seem to get ahead. You keep trying new things and while you are growing and developing, you...

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Do you know what you are capable of?

Limits.  We all have them but is it a case of real limits or fear talking. Have you ever had a burning desire to succeed at something but you got stuck?  You stopped dead...

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